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An important feature of Ecopoles and plastic lumber products is the fact that they last longer than traditional wood products. Moreover, due to the annual maintenance cost of staining wood based products (materials, labor and time); plastic lumber products actually cost less than wood products in the long run.

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These are our major products made from 100% recycled plastic wastes with various applications ranging from fencing, road signage, support beams for small structures, lumbers can be assembled into furniture for both outdoor and indoor functions.

The benefits

  1. Eco-friendly product made from 100% recycled waste plastic.
  2. No chemical treatment
  3. Does not rot and cannot be eaten by termites hence lasts longer.
  4. Do not splinter.
  5. Outlasts timber in application.
  6. Can be cut, drilled and nailed just as easily as timber using the same wood working tools.
  7. Won’t be stolen for use as firewood as is currently happening in many parts of our country.
  8. Offers long term cost effectiveness due to reduced maintenance and replacement.
  9. Has an aesthetic look, with a regular shape and a smooth and/or timber-like finish.
  10. Do not entertain growth of molds, do not splinter, won’t be stolen by people who cut metal posts from the roads and sell them to metal scrap dealers and those who steel wooden posts for us as firewood as it is currently.