Benefits of using Ecoroof

One of the benefits of using Ecoroof for your roof is that you get a variety of colors to choose from unlike traditional clay tiles that only come in one shade i.e brick red. Below see pictures of the charcoal black and brick red #Ecoroof designed to make you stand out from your neighbors because of its uniqueness.

Other benefits of using Ecoroof over other options include;

1. Lightweight unlike traditional heavy clay tiles hence saving you a lot of money because you can use lighter trusses.
2. We guarantee zero breakages on delivery. More savings
3. Our tiles are non porous. Water will not seep through.
4. Safe drinking water.
5. Variety of colors to fit your preference.
6. Eco-friendly to the planet yet affordable and friendly to the pocket.
7. Locally manufactured. Buying our products directly helps create local jobs. #buyUgandaBuildUganda
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