About us

Waste becomes waste if wasted, plastics are often portrayed as a culprit of environmental degradation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. EcoPlastile is a waste management, green construction and a social enterprise that addresses the challenges of urban waste management (plastic pollution), chronic youth unemployment, deforestation, climate change, and indecent housing while improving access to health and education services. We are committed to sustainable environmental excellence that is integrated with a business‐wide approach. We work with marginalized youth and women to collect plastic wastes, uses a chemical free and , energy- efficient plastic extrusion technology called “waxy 2 technology” to upcycle and transform them into durable, eco- friendly plastic lumber profiles that substitutes clay tiles. Our goal is to create a sustainable solution to the growing plastic waste menace (plastic waste pollution and improve on public health), create an alternative to roofing tiles (reduce deforestation and carbon emission) and create job opportunities for especially the marginalized youth and women.

Our vision

A Sustainable Green Africa, free from Poverty, Unemployment and Indecent Housing

Our mission

Developing a system of integrated waste management and recycling, to create superior building products whilst creating jobs, supporting the green economy, helping the environment and improving housing and public health

Introducing Ecoroof

Who We Are

We are a mission driven company with two agendas: First, to supplying home builders with premium building products that make their houses stylish and unique. Secondly, and close to our hearts, we are consciously working to reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic waste by recycling them into distinct building materials that are aesthetically appealing, longer lasting and affordable.

What We Believe

We believe we are making valuable contribution in minimising the global carbon footprint by recycling waste to create quality blocks and tiles from plastic and glass waste. Our products offer customers value for money and more importantly repurposing waste that could have otherwise ended up harming our environment.

Why We Recycle

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times. In Uganda alone of the over 3,000,000 tons of waste generated each year only eight per cent is recycled. The rest ends up in the environment causing pollution. Non-biodegradable waste such as plastics and glass worsen the situation as they do not rot.

Recycling enables us to maintain a safe environment by converting waste into new useful products thus reducing air and water pollution. We firmly believe eco-friendly building products made from various waste such as recycled glass and plastic are a solution to economical and “green” house construction.

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