Reusable, Washable and Biodegradable Anti-Viral Facemask

Social-Economic impact 150+ jobs to be created for marginalized youths and women with tailoring skills! Enabling this group earning of $10+ per day as compared to previous. Reducing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing discarding of single use masks

Product Benefits

A mask made from a proprietary cotton, embedded with accelerated copper oxide and silver particles, and a nanofiber textile that blocks pathogens.

  • Uses treated fabric
  • Prevents the germs from reaching you
  • Easy to handle
  • Reusable up 70th wash
  • Biodegradable and affordable on the market today

Front Layer

Treated African fabric, Cotton X for different design and colors. The fabric kills germs that gets in contact with the mask.

Middle Layer

Filters the air and ensures breathing easily!

Inner Layer

(Contact with the face) – Special fabric to filter air impurities, impermeable to airborne particles.

Elastic Cord

Fixing and adjusting the mask on your face